Change Device name

How to change the device name/Computer name forΒ  Ubuntu.
The device name in the sense when you open terminal using Ctrl+alt+t. It will show a big name if you want to reduce that name. like this

Screenshot from 2013-09-04 12:23:56
Their are two methods to change Device name
1.During Installation
2.Using terminal

1. During installation:-

when ever you will installing Ubuntu on you PC It will ask for your computer name as below. You can change from their very easily.

2.Using Terminal

During Installation sometimes we forgot to change the name of computer and it will show the default name which is very big. So we want to change their are few steps to change your computer name or device name .

1. Open terminal using ctrl+alt+t

Screenshot from 2013-09-04 12:23:56

2. Write command

sudo vi /etc/hostname

in the place of vi you can use your favorite editor like vim, gedit or any other which you like

3. Then it will ask for the password type your password

4. After this it will open the editor for vi and vim

press i for edit

for gedit you can simply edit

5. After that save it.

for vi and vim

press esc

the type :wq

for gedit use ctrl+s

6. Reboot your system

and congratulation your Device name is changed πŸ™‚


Day 18

Saturday came today I have decided to complete the authentication and want to move further. I have really waste many days on Authentication part. Actually no tutorial is given on net only the syntax is given and from syntax it is not very much cleared to me. I have take help from Reference manual and their are some module present here they also helped me. The codding done by Shiana di
is little bit tough so I want to make it simple so that anyone can understand. So I started working on it it was nice and many things are getting clear slowly and slowly πŸ™‚

Day 17

After the great battle with the authentication module a day has passed yesterday I have started and till today no progress. Actually I am not getting the syntax and their are many things which is not clear I am really very confused till night I have understand little bit with great efforts hope tomorrow I will complete.

Day 16

After completing Wt::DBO I move further on the main and most difficult part of Wt that is Wt::Auth i.e is authentication. I t is the most difficult and main part we will apply authentication in our login page. It contain password verification hash function and many more.
Shiana di has done codding in authentication so I have started to understand that codding. It is really very interesting work for me πŸ™‚

Day 15

Today is Wednesday. And today my mentor Inderpreet is going to give a presentation on a unique topic “Tell me, you hate c++”. What a marvelous presentation It was. Totally speechless,outstanding. I am very lucky that I am doing training in C++. What a great platform. C++ is having a lots of features and advantage. Really my mentor has done lots of effort for it I really appreciate his work. Really My mentor is very intelligent :D. I am happy that I have got mentor like him. Their are lots of thing which I can learn from him :). And after presentation I have completed my DBO successfully yuppie .

Day 14

Today is very Important day for me because today I will learn that how to do Computer Engineering without computers. Ah just imagine . Today My friend Gaurav is going to deliver a seminar I am very exited Which topic Gaurav choose and how he will deliver .What topic he choose. I am eagerly waiting for it . O h now its time to listen Gaurav’s seminar πŸ˜€ . Time is 12 pm . Seminar starts it was really a very Innovative ,informative ,outstanding,new way of learning,very nice way of learning . He introduce Working of modem . it was very funny way of learning . The seminar is really very nice.Now come back to work after seminar I again started on Wt::Dbo I have little bit move further in Dbo .

Day 13

Finally the working day came today is Monday and today I pray to God that with starting of new month I will do hard Work in the month and I will not waste even a single minute. Now with full confidence I came on database .Now question arises how to connect data base with Wt .It is little bit difficult it is a task for me because I haven’t done it yet. Today I have done full research on it refer various manuals on it .