June 20: The movie day.

My day started peacefully. As I woke up at 9:00 am as usual i m late :p. I am in a great hurry as our meet up time is 11am. All going well i was on time but exact at 10:30 am my vehicle keys were misplaced. I wasted my 20 min but still unable to find so i rush to catch bus then auto and finally i reached at the place.
As i was late so all players were discussing about Gaurav’s project and i joined them. Then after captain said “lets watch an inspiring movie” and the inspiring movie was “The Dead Poet Society”. As the name of the movie resemble it is Somewhat different 😀 i was excited to watch it. And here’s the movie Begin aahan what a story wow every Dialogue in the movie has a deep meaning inside. It was about poetry, mystery, Goal, and Student life. It was like everything is in a pretty small package. Must watch it friends.


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