Terminal Utilities

  • Alsamixer- This utility let you change the volume of speaker or headphone from the terminal.
  • Xbacklight– Changes brightness of screen from the terminal

$xbacklight 50

This will change the brightness to 50%.

  • Links- Another utility which will blow your mind is links. Have you  ever wonder that we can use a browser from the terminal? yes! we can do this.

Links is a Text-based web browser.

  • mc– Midnight commander is an Advanced file manager in the terminal.
  • Glances– This shows the status of your computer.
  • moc- This tool is for the music lovers. By using this tool you can run any mp3 file in terminal.




I3 Window manager

Fed up from using Alt + tab again and again for switching windows? Also In the Operating system, we have to manually manage the windows or if we want to work on two windows at the same time say terminal as well as firefox you have to manually manage them.

But wait let me introduce with a super awesome tool which will automate your work. Rather  concentrating on managing different windows you will concentrate on the work.. And the tool is I3 Window manager.

i3 is a text-oriented (and keyboard-oriented) window manager, where the other traditional desktops are graphic-oriented (and mouse-oriented) systems. That doesn’t mean that i3 doesn’t use the mouse, of course. When we get to managing multiple windows later, it will be possible to select windows with mouse-clicks. But in i3 what is important is that you can easily manipulate windows without the mouse, using only the keyboard. In fact, this is such an important objective for i3 that the developers and users are pleased and proud when they can say, ‘I did  (whatever) without even touching the mouse’.

you can install i3 from here.