Installing VPL-Jail server.

As I have discussed a little bit about Jail server in previous blog post. Now why we need to install Jail server?

The VPL module is compatible with Moodle 2.3, 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6. VPL version 3.0 is compatible at data level and backups, with the 2.X versions of VPL. This new version requires execution servers with vpl-jail-system 2.0.

Now, How to install it?

It’s simple Just Go to official Site and install it.

that’s it!

Now if you are facing trouble then debug using
“$sudo service vpl-jail-system start -d 8”
and check errors in the log file /var/log/syslog

I want to discuss the problem which I faced during configuration. Firstly, When I start the server using
$sudo service vpl-jail-server start
my internet packet drops and when I stop the server using
$sudo service vpl-jail-server stop
internet connection works fine. And the other problem which I faced is conflicts of ports due to the apache server. As no two servers run on a single port.

1. Change the port number in configuration file i.e /etc/vpl/vpl-jail-system.conf
#PORT 80 (default one) to PORT 8080
2. For internet packet problem you may troubleshoot by changing the firewall setting in configuration file.
and here we are done. 🙂

For checking open web browser and write


It will show msg of OK.